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For over 10 years, we have been providing high quality tree removal in Jackson, TN. We are a very trustworthy & reliable business with a great reputation. We give free quotes and prices that are very honest. Our clients enjoy our quick reaction and get to your property at your earliest convenience. We are very proud of our large repeat customer base and of receiving great reviews on different online listings.


If the tree is big and is next to your house or a common property wall or some other valued structure on your property, this may be a cause for concern. The Jackson Tree Service Pros can easily cut down the tree and clear all the debris, no matter how big the tree is.

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Here are the main reasons why you should choose The Jackson Tree Service Pros

We Are Licensed And Insured : what most homeowners do not know is that many of the so-called tree service businesses are not really licensed, we see many so-called businesses over the last few years are just guys out there who own some chainsaws calling themselves tree service. So please take care when choosing a company, particularly for tree removal, because it is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States.

We Have More Than 25 Years Of Experience : Tree service is a very specialised profession that needs 10 years of solid good experience before becoming very competent in it. What keeps us on our toes is that no one tree is the same, every job is different, requiring the true arborist’s special attention & care. You have to be very cautious of branches that are half way rotting when cutting half dying large oak trees because it does not accommodate a climber and may need to use a bucket truck. Again, every removal of trees is the same to be treated unwise, we have the experience of witnessing all the variables that have made us more careful over the years, not less.

We Give Free, Honest Quotes : We understand most tree conditions from our experience and exactly what it takes to safely reduce all risks of potential damage to other properties to take down a tree, while at the same time ensuring that we quote a fair price because our goal is to always provide great service so that we get a repeat customer for years to come.

Why Choose Us?

At your earliest convenience, we will look at the situation and give you a free estimate of no obligation where we can get a good idea of exactly what is required if the entire tree really needs to be removed is something we evaluate, because we are a green company that would rather save large trees.