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Taking care of the trees in your yard can be difficult. If you do not give proper care to your trees they may overgrow, or die, both cases aren’t ideal.

No matter how many trees you have in your Jackson, TN business or residential property, The Jackson Tree Service Pros are more than happy to take care of them. We can provide trimming, pruning, or tree removal service as and if necessary. Since tree care is time-consuming and work of a professional, we provide quality professional work by our licensed professionals. We have all the needed tree removal, stump grinding, and trimming equipment to perform a perfect job.
If you are tired of seeing unruly and wild trees in your Jackson, Tennessee property, no reason to worry anymore. Our affordable and trimming, and pruning service is well known in Jackson. You can trust us to take care of your trees affordably.

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Tree Services We Provide

Tree Removal

When you want to remove trees from your yard, call The Jackson Tree Service Pros. No matter how big the tree is, what kind of tree it is, we will provide tree removal services for it. When the time comes to remove a tree or trees from your yard, you can count on us. Sometimes trees can take up space that might need removal. This space might be needed in different ways, from construction projects or prevention of property damage. Tree removal is not a do it yourself task, you will need skilled professionals like us. We will give you a free estimate on tree removal before we start working on your tree. We are experienced and specialized and know how to handle the project smoothly. WE will work on a schedule and finish the work within time.

Tree Trimming

Our people at The Jackson Tree Service Pros can safely trim trees near your roof, fences, or power lines so it doesn’t damage them. We take safety very seriously. We have the right tools specifically designed to trim trees of the high branches that otherwise go missing during a trim. With expert trimming, we restore dead and dying trees. Trimming can get rid of diseases, storm damaged, and fruit-bearing plants. Routine trimming will keep your plants healthy and not let it grow in a wild fashion. Contact The Jackson Tree Service Pros when you need proper tree trimming services.

Stump Grinding

Stump is most of the time left behind after tree removal. These stumps can look ugly and can be an obstruction in your yard. These stumps can be dangerous in public parks as they come in the way of people or kids running around. Stump grinding is easy and with proper equipment, it can be tackled in a few hours. The Jackson Tree Service Pros has its own stump grinding machines in Jackson, TN. There is no need for you to rent stump grinders that are dangerous to operate and won’t work as well.

Stump Removal

Complete stump removal can be quite the job for any homeowner or property caregiver. They have a deep and intricate roots system that holds on to the ground quite well. Although stump grinding doesn’t need ripping out of the root system, in some cases, total removal is essential. When the roots are coming in the way of utility lines, concrete slab, pavement, or new construction, stump removal remains the only option. Our team will dig the stump out of your property for complete removal in your Jackson, TN property. Afterward, the ground is leveled so there are no traces of the digging that was done.

Tree Cutting

Tree cutting is anything but straightforward. It is a time-consuming task that requires proper equipment and professionals with years of experience. With proper knowledge, someone might get an injury if they try to do it themselves. It is best to hire professionals who know what they are doing and have done it a million times, like us. We will secure the place near the cutting zone so no one or nothing gets hurt or damaged. With proper planning, we will make the tree cutting effective and easy.

Tree Pruning

Removing unwanted parts of the tree is essential if you want to keep your property safe and tree healthy. At The Jackson Tree Service Pros, we have some of the best people working for us. They can prune trees with ease. If your tree is diseased, growing in the wrong direction, or destroying your property, professional pruning is on the way. We will remove unwanted branches that are either shading parts of your property or dirtying it with dry leaves and twigs.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have all the necessary certifications and license to remove, trim, and take care of trees on your property.
  • We have the proper equipment to carry on the work, safely and effectively.
  • We value safety and make sure the safety of our employees as well as the client’s property is taken care of.
  • WE answer all your questions so you do not have any confusion.